3 Done For You COMPLETE COURSES Package

3 Done For You COMPLETE COURSES Package

  • $1,500.00
  • Save $3,000

So you've heard the buzz about our DFY Course Packages we're launching, and YOU-WANT-IN-ON-THE-DEAL!

You want to take advantage of the FIRST MOVERS ADVANTAGE and get the courses for over 50% - 75% OFF before we even launch!

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The way this works is that you'll Pre-Pay for the Courses, but will receive them before they are released to the public, plus you'll benefit from:

  • Getting 1 of the 200 limited licenses
  • Automatically qualifying for our Affiliate Program, where you can earn Top Paying Commissions for sharing our products with your clients
  • Early Access to the the course

Here's the list of Courses and the Fee that it will be when we launch the course:

  1. (August 2017) How To Create your own online course $1297
  2. (September 2017) How To Blog For Profits $997
  3. (October 2017) How To Launch Your Own Coaching Program $1497
  4. (November 2017) How To Build Your Brand & Become An Authority Online $997
  5. (December 2017) How To Build An Ecommerce Business With shopify $1997
  6. (January 2018) How To Launch Your Freelancer Business $997
  7. (February 2018) How To Build Passive Income With Membership Sites Online $1497
  8. (March 2018) How To Build Your MLM Biz Leveraging The Internet $1497
  9. (April 2018) How To Launch A Consulting Business $1997
  10. (May 2018) How To Create Your Signature System For Your Biz & Brand $1497
  11. (June 2018) How To Put Biz Systems in Place for your Biz $1997
  12. (July 2018) How To Outsource & Delegate To Grow Your Business $997

Place your order now and NO MATTER WHAT COURSE YOU ORDER, you will get access to ANY 3 YOU WANT for this ridiculous price of only $500 PER COURSE...

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Here's what's included:

  • Trainer / Host Materials
    • Complete Course Support Materials like
      • scripts,
      • outlines,
      • and step by step guide on how to teach/train your audience
    • Tips / Training on how to leverage your Training Courses to
      • Grow your audience
      • Increase income
      • Build your list
      • Convert more sales
    • Bonus Trainings:
      • Top Ways To Deliver Your Content
      • Facebook Ads For Course Promotions
  • Training Course Materials
    • All Video Training Materials
      • Video / Ppt Slides
        • DFY graphically designed slides
        • PPT Scripts for you to know EXACTLY what to say when recording the video (as it needs to be in your voice for your brand, but voiceover support is available if needed)
        • PPT outlines with bulletpoints for those of you that know the jist of what you want to say, you just want a guideline
      • Design for Complete Course
        • 3 Full Brand Boards with color combinations, fonts and patterns for those that want to alter the look and feel to a different theme to support their brand
        • Course will come fully designed and ready for market. Due to it being PLR, the course will be sold to others so you can tweak look and feel with the alternative brand boards we offer
  • Student Materials
    • Course Support Materials
      • Infographics
      • Full Mindmap of course layout
      • Complete Flow Chart to lay out step by step process for student to follow
      • Fully designed Checklists
      • Fully designed Worksheets
      • Resource Guide filled with affiliate programs you can sign up for to promote to your audience, that are in alignment for the course
      • Workbooks
      • Training Guides
      • Action Plans
      • Calendar / Timeline layout
  • Marketing Materials
    • Webinar Materials
      • Webinar Slides
      • Webinar Scripts
      • Sales Page Copy
      • Webinar Promotions Blog Posts (to generate leads for your webinar)
      • Webinar Promotion Email Campaign Series (with 4 emails)
      • FB Ad examples for the Webinar
      • Webinar Participants
        • Handout
        • Workbook
        • Worksheets
  • Free Report Materials
    • Sales Page / Sales Funnel Copy
      • Squeeze Page Copy
      • Sales Page Copy
      • Thank You Page Copy
    • Lead Magnet Offer
    • Follow Up Campaign Email Series
    • Social Media Promotional Posts
    • 3d Ebook Graphic
      • in PNG Format
      • in JPG Format
      • In PSD Format or if from Canva.. canva link
    • 3 Blog Posts with Opt-in Call To Action
    • Sample Facebook Ad Promotional Materials
  • Paid Ebook Package
    • Sales Page / Sales Funnel Copy
    • Email Copy
    • 3D Ebook Graphic
    • Ecover PSD File
    • Sample Facebook Ad
  • Launch Materials
    • The 8 Week Plan For A Profitable Launch Training Course
    • Launch Outline / Timeline
    • Launch Blueprint with step by step process to launching


So place your order NOW... and let's make this money!