Facebook PPC: The Beginners Guide To Facebook Pay Per Click Ads Bundle (Workbook, Checklist, Ebook)

Facebook PPC: The Beginners Guide To Facebook Pay Per Click Ads Bundle (Workbook, Checklist, Ebook)

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If you use Facebook at all, you will have noticed those little ads on the right hand side of your screen that seem to know exactly what you would be interested in (most of the time). If you play games on Facebook, you no doubt have several new games suggested to you every few days. If you like art and music, you may notice ads related to concerts, galleries, and museums in your area. This is because these ads are being directed specifically to people who have interest in their content through targeted ad placement.

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You may have heard some negativity about using CPC campaigns on social media. Many people in the industry have been negative about these campaigns as they are concerned over their return on investment (ROI). They use the argument that the campaigns are a waste as they have not been able to put a number to their ROI when using this type of marketing. It is true, ROI is difficult to measure when advertising this way. It is difficult to measure because it is a networking cost. What is the return on investment of attending a conference and the associated networking events? At the end of the conference you look at how many contacts you made and maybe try to determine how many of those contacts will transform into revenue for your business. The ROI of a networking event is also very difficult to determine, if not impossible, but is seen as a must on the budget. Luckily, with Facebook, you are provided with insights and analytics to help you determine what the value of a new fan on your page actually is.

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