Mega MLM Article Bundle (48 Articles)

Mega MLM Article Bundle (48 Articles)

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In this bundle, we will show you everything from profiting in your first 30 days of joining an MLM to Marketing your business to How to improve your downline to Partnering with a company.

You will learn how to follow the rules of the fisherman and let the “fishes” come to you. Learn about the traditional and online marketing techniques that you can use to get your prospects’ attention. Find out how to ask for referrals to boost the sales of your business.  Learn some of the fundamental elements to succeeding in the Network Marketing industry and the strategies that Top Earners have known for years and implement in their business!

This bundle is jam packed with 48 articles.  It includes:

  1. 2 ways to profit in your first 30 days in MLM (707 words)
  2. 3 Ways to Ask for Sale Referrals (492 words)
  3. 4 Core Foundations for Success in Network Marketing (916 words)
  4. 5 Benefits to Joining A Network Marketing Company (524 words)
  5. 7 reasons why you should join a network marketing company (796 Words)
  6. 8 Tips on Prospecting & Recruiting (660 Words)
  7. Best Location to Host Presentations (571 Words)
  8. Common Mistakes to Avoid in Network Marketing (918  Words)
  9. Eight Body Language Signs to Watch Out For With Your Prospects (688 Words)
  10. Finding the Need: Your Most Vital Closing Strategy (750 Words)
  11. Five Steps to Improving Downline Performance (845 Words)
  12. Four Reasons for Choosing Network Marketing (780 Words)
  13. Four Steps to Doing Phone Call Invites (1,027 Words)
  14. Four Steps to Recruiting Like a Pro (1,030 Words)
  15. Grid System Marketing, How To Market In Your Own Backyard (499 Words)
  16. How to Bring Up Your Business In a Casual Conversation (508 Words)
  17. How To Close a Sale in Four Simple Steps (966 Words)
  18. How To Convert Reluctant Prospects (845 Words)
  19. How to create downline duplication (725 words)
  20. How To Find Someone’s Need (624 Words)
  21. How to Find the Right Network Marketing Company (757 words)
  22. How to Gain Prospective Leads (594 words)
  23. How To Leave a Footprint Everywhere You Go (348 Words)
  24. How To Slip Your Business Into A Conversation (651 Words)
  25. How to turn prospects into partners (642 words)
  26. Keys to Good Advertising – Grabbing The Customers Attention (746 Words)
  27. MLM 5 Point Checklist to Partnering with any company (988 Words)
  28. MLM Plan of Action (757 Words)
  29. Network Marketing Tip: Think Like a Fisherman (682 Words)
  30. Network Marketing Tips for Beginners (542 Words)
  31. Network Marketing: Facts and Fallacies (743 Words)
  32. Networking at Chamber Events (543 Words)
  33. Seven Steps to Speeding up Your Organization (747 Words)
  34. Short Term vs. Long Term Goals (778 Words)
  35. Teaching Your Leaders to Lead (363 Words)
  36. The Franchising Power of Network Marketing (688 Words)
  37. The Importance of Recognition (705 Words)
  38. The Master Prospector (948 Words)
  39. The Power of Leverage (720 Words)
  40. Trade Fairs and Booths to Grow Your Business (536 Words)
  41. Understanding 4 Different Types of Network Marketing Companies (813 Words)
  42. What is Network Marketing? (495 Words)
  43. What Makes a Potential Teammate? (515 Words)
  44. Who is a Prospect? (401 Words)
  45. Why You Need Catch Up Calls With Your Team (309 Words)
  46. Why You Should Never Discriminate (592 Words)
  47. Why Your Greatest “Why” Matters (576 Words)
  48. Your First 52 (787 Words)

~ Excerpt from Articles ~

What Makes a Potential Teammate?

Potential Teammate #1: Excellent People Skills

Network Marketing is a people business, right? Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you find a teammate who loves interacting with others. An ideal business partner will be someone who can mingle with people from all walks of life. Their presence and bubbly personality should light up a room; not suck the energy out of it. Below are their known qualities:

3 Ways to Ask for Sale Referrals

1. Ask referrals from your existing client base

Capitalize on your existing customer base and ask them for referrals. Make sure that the first person that you ask is one of your best clients. Satisfied clients are already raving fans and they’re boiling over with people that they believe can already benefit from your service. However, don’t wait for them to tell you, but take the initiative to ask them to share 2-3 people that they think could benefit…

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